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Procurement & Quality Assurance Services

There are many challenges to overcome to secure reliable suppliers to provide your business with the quality products and services you are looking for in a timely fashion.

Customers have deadline and budget constraints to meet and in an age of disrupted logistics, currency and commodity price fluctuations and remote management, you need to rely on local partners that share the same values, mindset and incentives to ensure your procurement process is efficient, timely and competitive.

Eutorus will bridge the cultural and regulatory gap between Turkish entities and EU, GCC and African markets and streamline processes via a diligent supplier management system and product quality assurance to provide you with standardized reliable goods and services with peace of mind.

Global trade Consulting

Eutorus enables select local suppliers to export their consumer goods and services to the EU, Middle East and North Africa markets in compliance with local regulations for the following sectors:

- Textiles
- Furniture & Home accessories
- Office furniture
- Surface & wall coverings
- Information Technology

Eutorus ensures products provided include regulatory paperwork, including technical sheets, certificate of origin and applicable laboratory tests, in compliance with defined bill of materials specs.

Eutorus provides customized labelling and personalized packaging services in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish.

Real Estate Management Services

Leverage Eutorus extensive real estate partner network in La Costa Brava, one of the most sought-after locations for a high-quality Mediterranean lifestyle, peaceful Catalan villages, culinary experiences, coastal beaches and hiking trails, to find the real estate property that best suits your needs.

Personal Use
Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sublet a principal or secondary residence, ranging from a small apartment to high-end villas for seasonal or long-term usage, our team of seasoned experts will accompany you to ensure select property fits your personal needs, all while taking care of local administrative requirements, declarations, etc. hassle-free.

Investment portfolio
Many residential buildings, stand-alone villas or bungalows, as well as commercial real estate properties constitute a great investment opportunity in a high-growth and strategic region, within an hour from the Pyrenees mountains, Spanish riviera, vineyards and historical sites. Whether you are looking for a retirement home or setup and operate a valuable brick and mortar portfolio, our team will ensure a smooth process in property selection, inspection, notary and local municipality paperwork processing for your peace of mind.

EU residency Management services

Eutorus accompanies entrepreneurs, investors and high net-worth individuals to constitute, submit, track and obtain Schengen visas, short and long-term EU residency in Spain.

Our expert team of consultants will guide you on a step-by-step basis to:
- Setup a non-EU national local ID
- Register your EU residency address with local authorities
- Setup and register your EU business entity
- Obtain and/or convert to a EU driver’s license
- Sponsor 1st degree family members under your EU residency
- Obtain your Spanish citizenship once qualified

EU residency management services can be bundled with our Real estate management services in relevant cases for a one-stop-shop experience.

Events management & catering services

The cosmopolitan nature of Barcelona and Girona led Eutorus management to invest in points of sale and venues to cater to multiple customer segments and ethnicities.

Whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, or a private party, our team will cater to your requirements with Oriental Mediterranean flavors, a fine selection of Halal and vegan food, made from scratch in our private facilities

Mission Statement

Through visionary leadership and good stewardship, we will administer through our multiple subsidiaries global customer requirements to setup their business and residency in Spain in a frictionless manner as possible, enable select procurement and manpower services and provide quality products and services that continually enhance quality of life.




Eutorus management is 40 years strong in International business relations, procurement, business development, contract management, project management and quality audit expertise in multiple sectors, including real estate investments, manufacturing, distribution, retail, event management and catering in the Schengen area, Turkiye and Morocco.

Eutorus management is PMP and ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor certified.

We work closely with our customers and partners to assess requirements, analyze respective roles and responsibilities, define the scope of work and implement and monitor with agreed upon KPIs product and/or project deliverables given our procurement & QA Services, global trade consulting expertise and manpower provisioning.

Eutorus Methodology

Introductory Session:

Schedule an initial meeting with no commitment to understand your needs, establish expectations and explain how we can help to meet your goals

Information Gathering:

Conduct a detailed assessment of your current situation, priorities and objectives, providing us with relevant information based on a custom questionnaire for us to address your specific requirements, challenges, and pain points.

Proposal Redaction:

Eutorus team will develop a tailored proposal outlining that clearly define the scope of services to be provided, including deliverables, timelines, and pricing based on your unique needs and challenges.

Requirements Revision:

Review provided proposal terms and conditions to make relevant adjustments, if any, to ensure alignment related to implementation scope, process and timelines with with your expectations.

Execution & follow-up:

Following proposal confirmation, Eutorus team member will be assigned to ensure a comprehensive implementation of services to be provided, along with ongoing support and communication throughout.

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